• A New Panama Invasion
    Panamanian real estate developer Jose Bern believes that his country has been a well-kept economic secret for years. But in dramatic fashion, global real estate investors such as New York developer Donald Trump are uncovering the secret.
  • Johns Hopkins International's Agreement with Panama City, Panama Hospital. From Dome, a publication for all members of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Family
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  • Panama is paradise for retirees
    Cheap real estate, a low cost of living, fabulous scenery and relaxed pace should put this gem at the top of the list for Americans on a fixed income.
    by Kathleen Peddicord
  • Boquete Rated World's Third Best for Retirees
    There are many opinions regarding the perfect retirement destination. Three years ago, Modern Maturity Magazine made an objective observation by rating several destinations where one may want to retire or buy a second home. This new document lists the top five. Click link above to download PDF.
  • Retiring and Living in Panama
    There is definitely more to Panama than a canal! Panama is fast becoming one of the world's top retirement destinations and also a world class tourist location - particularly for adventure and ecotourism.
    from Business Panama website
  • Panama as a Second Home and Retirement Destination-What Leading Publications Are Saying
    Recent press coverage about Panama as a second home and retirement destination
    Fortune Magazine 2005 Retirement Guide: "Panama is the only Central American country recommended and one of only 5 places in the world that is recommended."
    from PanamaInfo website, Panama's #1 Travel Guide